onsdag 26 oktober 2011

Schoolism course!

I am taking Sam Nielson's Advanced Lighting course at Schoolism.com
It is comprised of 9 video lectures, each ranging from anywhere between 1-2 hours in length, simply shock full of invaluable information and painting techniques regarding light and color and how it all interacts with various real world materials. Each video also comes with an assignment to hone your newly learned skills on.

I am enrolled in the self-taught version of the class which is more limited than the full course in the sense that you don't get any feedback from any teacher on your assignments. But it still comes loaded with all the video lectures and assignments that you get from the full course, + the ability to watch the video feedback students who are taking the full course are getting from Sam Nielson himself.

Here's a great 50 min interview and painting demo with Sam Neilson held by Bobby Chiu which I highly recommend if you want an idea of what this course is all about: http://www.schoolism.com/interview.php?id=58

Lastly, I will be posting some examples of different exercices I am doing which applies many of the principles I've learned from the course as this blog moves forward.

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